Overview of Delhi Master Plan 2021 and Land Pooling Policy

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The zonal development plan is believed to be statutory development under the guidance of Delhi’s Master Plan. The plan is mainly developed on the basis of D.D Act. The master plan has been now implementing with the layout plans by incorporating efficient linking, Based on the earlier experience of Master Plan of Delhi 2001 has been created with required changes as per the need of people. By in-house professionals of DDA, the Master Plan for Delhi 2001 has developed.

According to this plan, the national capital Delhi has been popularly divided into 15 major zones, among which L zone is believed to be the largest one. Among the 15 zones, A-H is 8 zones which come under urban area. River Yamuna has covered the O zone. And the last 6 remaining zone J, K, L, M, N, P are covered by rural area or the Urban extension.

It was realized that the needs of people for suitable residential property options are being still not met and there was a huge gap in the demand and supply of housing projects. People still not have sufficient good options of housing properties in their budget where they can invest. The master plan 2001 was reviewed in the year 2006 and the results suggested that only 3.5 lakhs unit has been approved by DDA. And the requirement is still for 35 lakhs housing units. This unmet demand is the primary reason why people find it a convenient option to live in colonies which have no proper authorization and the land of such colonies comes under agricultural land.


The government realized this huge demand for housing property which is still not satisfied. To address the issue and meet this demand a new master plan 2021 is developed. As per the Gazette Notification No SO 141 date as 07-02-2007 in this recent implementation new rules and regulations have been set in MPD 2021. The plan mainly aims to increase the involvement of private sector in land and infrastructure services. It is expected with the contribution of the private sector people will get developed land along with the required infrastructure. With such large-scale development, the land has been now entrusted to the approval of DDA.

The primary aims of the Zonal Plan for the L zone are listed below:

  • Development of better infrastructure
  • Safeguard the valuable ecosystem and all the natural resources
  • Improvised connectivity for rural areas and urban extension
  • Better accessibility


With the vision of completing revolutionizing the way middle-class segment is living at present, a master plan 2021 has been developed. With this plan, it is expected to make Delhi NCR a global metropolis which has all international standard facilities. People can get the calmest and pleasing environment along with the best in class infrastructure to live a better lifestyle and deal with their busy schedules in an efficient way. The main vision of Master Plan 2021 is to offer people with best living spaces in their budget where they can experience luxurious life and get to use all smart facilities. Master Plan 2021 is the best development done so far and people will get benefited a lot from it.  This plan is capable to meet different needs of growing population of Delhi. With the implementation of this plan, people will get ample housing projects options and improve their lifestyle by investing in them. With the vision of improving the way people live, up-gradations are made in old and shabby areas, also slums issues are addressed. The plan is expected to preserve the valuable eco-system and Delhi’s heritage and will contribute for the betterment of the citizens of Delhi.

Land Pooling Policy

Land pooling policy is quite new for our country but it has been already implemented in many countries and delivered with outstanding results. The vision of the policy is to stop selling of those lands whose owners are not willing to do so. Land pooling is based on a concept where small pieces of lands which are owned by a group of the owner who gets together for the better development of infrastructure according to provisions made by Delhi Development Act 1957. Once the development has done the land pooling working agency will be redistributing the land after deducting some portion of the land as the compensation for the cost of infrastructure development. The aim of the policy is to contribute to the development of potential housing projects and infrastructure as well. Land Pooling Policy has changed the way lands were acquired and development was done. Now with this policy owners of the land need to surrender their landholding in the central pool willingly in order to become a stakeholder on the development which is specifically done on the land. These landowners will be required to surrender about 48% or 60% of the total land based on the guidelines set by Land Pooling Policy and DDA. The land which can be developed along with the remaining land is retained by DDA for the creation of better infrastructure and this is totally monetized. With the implementation of this policy many flaws related to the acquisition of land, undervaluation of land has been removed. The entire process is fair for people no matter what is the size of land they are holding. With the declaration of this policy, almost 95 villages which fall under the policy have been now processed to a large extent.

Working of DDA with the private sector

It has become really difficult to make a wise investment in the house properties in Delhi. The plans developed for the infrastructure development and land acquisition have not delivered with the satisfactory results. The demand of people for house properties have not been satisfied. Now with the introduction of new policies and the entry of private sector players and the owners of the land for the development many positive changes are expected. With this now landowners can get required guidance to solve various issues which are related to the land.  The lands are approved after the successful evaluation by DDA and the private sector.

Improved healthcare facilities

Health is the primary concern which should always be addressed in the best possible what. Based on these developments being made now people will get better health care facilities, it has been proposed to meet the needs of healthcare of 20 lakhs population of the Delhi’s zone. There can be possibly 5 hospitals which will have bed per thousand populations. These improvised medical facilities make an investment in such housing project more attractive option. With the growing popular many healthcare facilities have been already developed so as to assure all health-related concern of people wisely.

Educational facilities

Proper utilization of the available resources has been done so as to provide with better education facilities. Education is a must to make society a better place to live and for the betterment of children and therefore proper education facilities are being established. The L zone which is believed to be the largest zone among all 15 zones is considered to be the major hub and in future, it is expected to have the good population. The zone has been already approved by the master plan.

Best sports facilities

Sports facilities are another important concern of people. Keeping this thing in mind the projects being developed here will be providing different sports facilities with them. People will get a badminton court, basketball court and more within the township. Also, Delhi’s largest Golf course is nearby from here. L zone is suitable for the development of the sports center. The issues presented here can be solved so it can become an ideal residential zone in the future.

Communication facilities

Best communication facilities are the need of today’s generation. Many of the business entities rely upon the mobile phone for their business. In order to meet this requirement in the best possible way already two plots having an area of almost 2500sq meter each. Proper communication facilities have been set with respect to approvals of land which signifies that it will bring positive changes in today’s life. Communication plays a vital role, especially if there is some emergency. And because of this, it has been proposed to deliver the best experience in the field of communication in this area.

Advanced safety and security-related facilities

Security and safety facilities are must to keep your belongings and loved ones safe. A provision has been made to make the police station, post office, and other security facilities nearby to the place. The projects being developed here are fully under the surveillance of CCTV camera so that people should not face any safety-related issue here. The builders here are showing a keen interest in providing high tech safety and security facilities. Facilities like video phone doors are offered here so that people can get the highest level of security.